The Syria Solidarity Campaign absolutely condemns the cold-blooded murder of seven White Helmet volunteers in Sarmin on the morning of Saturday August 12th. Unidentified gunmen attacked this civil defence centre in Idlib province and executed them by shooting them in the head. The attackers also looted the property. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

One of the volunteers who was murdered, Mohammad Dib al-Har (known as Abu Kifah), became known when he rescued a one-month old baby girl from a bombed building. A video of the rescue showed him overcome with tears as the baby girl was attended to by medics. Twenty-eight year old Abu Kifah is survived by his wife and his baby. Before the Revolution, he worked as a tailor and later established the Civil Defence Centre in Idlib before joining the White Helmets.

The other volunteers have been identified as Ziad Hassan Kadhanoun, Bassel Mustafa Kassas, Mohammed Shabib (Abu Zaid), Mohammed Kroma, Obaida Radwan, and Abdulrazzak Hassan Haj Khalil.

The Syria Solidarity Campaign demands an investigation into those responsible for their murders and that those responsible be brought to justice for this atrocity. Targeting medics and rescue workers is a war crime. An attack on the heroic White Helmets is an attack on all those who work tirelessly for a free and peaceful Syria.

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