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US Launches Missile Strikes in Syria

On April 7th, the US Government launched airstrikes on a Syrian regime military base, Shayrat airfield near Homs. 59 missiles were launched against the airbase from where the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun originated.

The attack was launched in response to a perceived red line by the Trump administration regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria. We would like to remind the US and others, however, that chemical attacks are not the only war crimes that have been committed by Assad and his allies. They include: besieging cities, indiscriminate bombings of civilian areas and infrastructure, mass detention and torture of political prisoners, the targeting of hospitals, medics and reporters, and the targeting of humanitarian aid convoys.

Abdulaziz Almashi, co-founder of the Syria Solidarity Campaign said: “The number of women, children and innocent civilians who have been killed by conventional weapons and other non-conventional weapons is much higher than those killed by chemical attacks in Syria. Maybe Assad will decide not to use chemical weapons again. But what of the victims who will be killed in other ways?”

The Syria Solidarity Campaign welcomes and supports any actions in Syria that has the protection of civilians in its core and opposes any actions that fail to do so. From this perspective, we would like more clarity on the Trump administration’s plan in Syria.


For further information, please contact:

Abdulaziz Almashi, Co-Founder


07455 558 181


Notes to editors:

The Syria Solidarity Campaign is holding a march in London tomorrow in response to the recent chemical massacre in Khan Sheikhoun.

Assembly point: Marble Arch @ 1:30 PM

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